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The Recognitions
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Greetings folks

I hope you all are enjoying the Gaddis thus far.  I have been devouring it at a steady clip and as I passed our assigned p.150 I quickly realized that a far more logical place to stop would be at p. 153, with the end of Chapter III.  Just 3 more pages than I had previously suggested.  That's it +++ I really can't wait to get together and discuss this with all of you!  Again, any questions/comments/suggestions are welcome!




Greetings folks

+++ As I am working through the first chunk of The Recognitions I thought I'd share some advice/factoids/things to be familiar with... 

+++ It would be useful to gain at least a passing acquaintance with Mithra and the Mithraic mysteries...  You don't need to get too crazy with it, just knowing the basic history and framework will just be useful in illuminating some of the references as well as some of the jokes!

+++ Don't get too bogged down in Chapter 2 (p.63-77) ... I had to rely on a lot of the annotations to slog through a few of these paragraphs.  Don't sweat it if you miss a lot.  It's very dense but mercifully short.  It gets easier again.

+++ It's also fun to glance at the life of the historical figure of Hans van Meegeren, who serves as inspiration for Wyatt.

+++ The annotations at will provide all translations for all the French/German/Italian/Latin etc.  Many of these passages are HILARIOUS so it's worth looking them up...

That's all for now +++ Feel free to lob questions my way as this is my second reading of this and I am doing a lot of reading of secondary literature.  I hope you are all enjoying this! For me it has been immensely satisfying thus far! 


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