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The Coyotes Book Group

+ The Coyotes Book Group meets at Skylight Books on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 8pm +
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My Struggle: Book Four
NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 26, 8pm at the store.
DISPATCH: MAY 6, 2015, 7:01PM

Hi folks 


I am terribly sorry for the lack of communication, I have been dealing with a series of health issues and tried unsuccessfully to get another Skylight representative to take the reins of the book club while I addressed this.  After this month someone else will be taking over but I have been asked to do one last month until we can find somebody to take over Coyotes duties.  Because of our previous engagement with the series, the eminent readability of Knausgaard's prose, and the fact that one need not read any of the books in chronological order, I am going to go ahead and  makeMy Struggle: Volume 4 the next Coyotes book. Because it is only available in hardcover, we will be offering 20% discount to Coyotes members who purchase the book here at Skylight.  Don't forget to tell the cashier you're reading it for the book club!  Thanks, folks --- Sorry for the delinquent correspondence.  
Looking forward 
Karl @ Skylight books
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Book club participants receive 15% off the selected title every month.

  Omensetter's Luck    Speedboat    

Ada or Ardor    White Hotel  Near to the wild heart  Dud Avocado

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