The She-Devil in the Mirror

The She-Devil in the Mirror (Paperback)

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Laura Rivera can t believe what has happened. Her best friend has been killed in cold blood in the living room of her home, in front of her two young daughters Nobody knows who pulled the trigger, but Laura will not rest easy until she finds out. Her dizzying, delirious, hilarious, and blood-curdling one-sided dialogue carries the reader on a rough and tumble ride through the social, political, economic, and sexual chaos of post-civil war San Salvador. A detective story of pulse-quickening suspense, The She-Devil in the Mirror is also a sober reminder that justice and truth are more often than not illusive. Castellanos Moya s relentless, obsessive narrator female, rich, paranoid, wonderfully perceptive, and, in the end, fabulously unreliable paints with frivolous profundity a society in a state of collapse. Castellanos Moya s Senselessness was acclaimed an innovative and invigoratingly twisted piece of art (Village Voice) and a brilliantly crafted moral fable, as if Kafka had gone to Latin America for his source materials (Russell Banks)."

Product Details ISBN-10: 0811218465
ISBN-13: 9780811218467
Published: New Directions Publishing Corporation, 09/01/2009
Pages: 191
Language: English