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3 Dead Princes: An Anarchist Fairy Tale (Paperback)
3 Dead Princes: An Anarchist Fairy Tale Cover Image
By Danbert Nobacon, Alex Cox (Illustrator)
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Princess Stormy goes on a quest to help her dad, killing three princes by accident along the way.

About the Author

DANBERT NOBACON, singer, songwriter, comedian, and "freak music legend" (sepiachord, Nov 2009.), was a founding member of the anarchist punk rock band CHUMBAWAMBA. The band's worldwide hit TUBTHUMPER (1997) gave its members fascinating insights into the way mainstream media limit a culture's ideas, from Barbara Walters' questions about anarchism on prime time, to the way David Letterman's staff got in a complete flap because the band changed one of the choruses of their hit song to "Free Mumia Abu Jamal!"

His career has been long (thirty years), wild, and always imaginative. Not to mention mischievous and political--he famously dumped a bucket of ice water over John Prescott, the British deputy prime minister, at an awards ceremony, in London, in 1998, to protest the Blair government's treatment of striking dockworkers.

He released The Library Book of the World, with Chicago band the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, on Bloodshot Records, in 2007. He has a new album, Woebegone, with Seattle band The Bad Things, due for release in April 2010.

He loves children and animals. This is his first book.

ALEX COX, illustrator of 3 DEAD PRINCES, is better known for his filmmaking skills. Aside from turning out cult film after cult film (REPO MAN, SID AND NANCY, THREE BUSINESSMEN, REVENGERS TRAGEDY, REPO CHICK), and spending a lot of his time staring at a computer screen, he still can be found hunched over a board, drawing.

He loves monsters, so Danbert had to put some in the book.

Praise For…

"This is a beautiful book. The illustrations are wonderful. It definitely rocks! I ought to know."IGGY POP

"Parents looking for a book for a middle-grader would be hard pressed to find a more sophisticated yet accessible story. Yes, there is a bit of swearing in it, and yes, there are some fairly grown-up themes introduced, but as a springboard for sensible and informed discussion with youngsters about how we live and how we might live, it is hard to think of a better book. Even as an adult reader, the story is interesting and intelligent enough for you to find it worth your while."Graham Storrs, The New York Journal of Books

Product Details
ISBN: 9781935259060
ISBN-10: 1935259067
Publisher: Exterminating Angel Press
Publication Date: October 12th, 2010
Pages: 197
Language: English