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Skylight Books Sponsor-a-Book Program


Featured High School:

Manual Arts High School


Ms. Whites 10th Grade English Class is requesting donations of:
(40 copies requested)
10% discount when you donate this book!
The Skylight Books Sponsor-a-Book Program:  The best way we know how to promote our freedom to read is to give underserved students the opportunity to read books they choose to read.  Due to the current economic situation which puts an even larger financial pressure on our school system, we are launching Skylight Books Sponsor-a-Book Program in which we ask customers and businesses to buy copies of select titles to teach at these high schools. We have many high schools in need that have asked to be included in this week long event and please take a look at our Sponsor-a-Book Wish List.  You can purchase on book or decide to sponsor a book for a whole class.  If you decide to participate, you get a discount on the book you decide to purchase and donate.