Black Medicine

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Reumann, Helge
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Helge Reumann is an artist as discreet as he is precious, and who has nevertheless not been unworthy during the past two decades: present with us in the review Bile noire , and swarming pages with various publishers, from Rouergue to UDA, via L 'Association or the Last Cry, without forgetting the incredible Elvis Road , concocted with his then accomplice Xavier Robel, magnificent leporello 9m long. We despaired of not being able to achieve a more substantial collaboration with this unique author, we are finally satisfied with this imposing Black Medicine Book .Through his most recent works (paintings, casts and drawings), the whole universe of Reumann unfolds here, a world full of tension and violence, both very physical when hordes of thugs attack, armed with studded bats or bladed weapons, but also a more muted violence - this violence which acts by standardizing the world, by transforming it into a giant desert, a dry and cold Earth, devoid of feeling, and delivered to the law of stronger. And then there is this mental violence too, that which washes brains and annihilates free will, which creates fanaticism and generates even more violence ... If there is often humor, there is little hope in Reumann's images, and the tribes of anonymous madmen who cross these landscapes as colorful as they are desolate seem to blow us that if hell exists, it is populated by demons with human faces. Introduction by Charles Burns, preface by Christian Rosset (bilingual French – English text).