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The final book in the swoony and high-stakes fantasy rom-com trilogy that began with Twin Crowns, about twin princesses separated at birth—from bestselling authors Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber.

Twin queens Rose & Wren survived the Battle for Anadawn and brought back magic to their kingdom. But danger lurks in Eana’s shadows.

Wren is troubled. Ever since she performed the blood spell on Prince Ansel, her magic has become unruly. Worse, the spell created a link between Wren and the very man she’s trying to forget: Icy King Alarik of Gevra. A curse is eating away at both of them. To fix it they must journey to the northern mountains—under the watchful guard of Captain Tor Iversen—to consult with the Healer on High.

Rose is haunted. Waking one night to find her undead ancestor Oonagh Starcrest by her bed, she receives a warning: Surrender the throne—or face a war that will destroy Eana. With nowhere to turn and desperate to find a weapon to defeat Oonagh, Rose seeks help from Shen-Lo in the Sunkissed Kingdom, but what she finds there may break her heart.

As Oonagh threatens all Rose and Wren hold dear, it will take everything they have to save Eana—including a sacrifice they may not be prepared to make.

About the Author

Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber are both bestselling and award-winning writers of YA and children’s books. In addition to cowriting the Twin Crowns series, they are sisters-in-law. 

Catherine grew up in Galway in the west of Ireland by the sea. She is the author of the Blood for Blood YA trilogy and the middle grade Storm Keeper trilogy. She currently lives in Ireland with her husband, Jack, and their dog, Cali.

Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber are both bestselling and award-winning writers of YA and children’s books. In addition to cowriting the Twin Crowns series, they are sisters-in-law. 

Katherine is from Southern California and spent much of her childhood in the Palm Springs desert. She is the author of Only Love Can Break Your Heart and The Revelry. For younger readers, she cowrites the Sam Wu Is Not Afraid and Dragon Realm series with her husband, Kevin Tsang. She is currently based in London with her husband and young daughters. 

Praise For…

PRAISE FOR TWIN CROWNS: “Doyle and Webber give readers twin plots of daring deception, spectacular settings and two very appealing love interests… you’ll root for both twins in this dangerous web of intrigue.” — Kendare Blake #1 NYT Bestselling Author of the Three Dark Crowns series

PRAISE FOR TWIN CROWNS: "Riotously funny, fast-paced and dripping with romance, TWIN CROWNS manages to deliver a tale as familiar and nostalgic in the way of childhood blankets and fireflies in jars, while at the same time wholly refreshing with its levity, charm and quirky tale of sisterhood rediscovered. Twin Crowns is so joyous that days after reading, I'm still grinning." — Roshani Chokshi, of The Gilded Wolves and Aru Shah series

PRAISE FOR TWIN CROWNS: “An absolute delight from start to finish. Twin Crowns is a dazzling gem of a book. Magical, clever, surprising, and pure fun from its captivating start to its spectacular finish. If you love wicked kings, sexy bandits, and sister stories that are full of heart, this is a must read.”  — Stephanie Garber, New York Times Bestselling author of Caraval

PRAISE FOR TWIN CROWNS: “Twin Crowns has all the charm of The Princess Bride and all the stakes of Game of Thrones—but Wren and Rose are in a league of their own. Addictive, swoony, tender and vivid - I loved it with all my heart.”  — Kiran Millwood Hargrave, bestselling author of The Mercies 

PRAISE FOR TWIN CROWNS:“Twin Crowns cast a spell on me from the very first pages with its glittering blend of harrowing adventure, charming wit, and intricate world-building. Add in delightful romance and two unforgettable narrators, and I was thoroughly bewitched by this marvelous book! Don’t miss it!”  — Sarah J Maas, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author 

PRAISE FOR TWIN CROWNS: “With the witty banter and clever magic, there’s never a dull moment.… A delightfully magical twist on a classic premise.” — Kirkus Reviews

PRAISE FOR TWIN CROWNS: "The breezy energy of this light fantasy romp will appeal to fans of My Lady Jane" Booklist

PRAISE FOR TWIN CROWNS: "A leisurely paced and lushly described adventure, which is steeped in absorbing magic and exhilarating romance." — Publishers Weekly

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Publication Date: May 7th, 2024
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