The American Nuclear Power Industry: A Handbook (Hardcover)

The American Nuclear Power Industry: A Handbook By William A. Pearman, Philip Starr Cover Image
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Originally published in 1985. This book examines the scope of the industry and also focuses on issues relevant to it, divided into three sections: an overview of the American nuclear power industry, an examination of the nuclear power plant licensing process and issues that face the nuclear industry, and selected case studies that illustrate issues discussed in the previous section.

The growth and future of the nuclear power plant industry is discussed and industry-wide trends and relevant data are presented providing background information on the scope, diversity, capacity, and control of nuclear power in the United States. Issues examined concern safety; environmental, geological, and natural phenomenon matters; and anti-trust. The in-depth case studies on the status of selected nuclear power plants include: Three Mile Island, Enrico Fermi, Seabrook, Indian Point, R. E. Inna, Diablo Canyon, and Browns Ferry.

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