The Physics of Solar Energy Conversion (Paperback)

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Research on advanced energy conversion devices such as solar cells has intensified in the last two decades. A broad landscape of candidate materials and devices were discovered and systematically studied for effective solar energy conversion and utilization. New concepts have emerged forming a rather powerful picture embracing the mechanisms and limitation to efficiencies of different types of devices. The Physics of Solar Energy Conversion introduces the main physico-chemical principles that govern the operation of energy devices for energy conversion and storage, with a detailed view of the principles of solar energy conversion using advanced materials.

Key Features include:

  • Highlights recent rapid advances with the discovery of perovskite solar cells and their development.
  • Analyzes the properties of organic solar cells, lithium ion batteries, light emitting diodes and the semiconductor materials for hydrogen production by water splitting.
  • Embraces concepts from nanostructured and highly disordered materials to lead halide perovskite solar cells
  • Takes a broad perspective and comprehensively addresses the fundamentals so that the reader can apply these and assess future developments and technologies in the field.
  • Introduces basic techniques and methods for understanding the materials and interfaces that compose operative energy devices such as solar cells and solar fuel converters.

About the Author

Juan Bisquert is a professor ofapplied physics at the UniversitatJaume I de Castello and the fundingdirector of the Institute of AdvancedMaterials at UJI. He earned anMSc in physics in 1985 and a PhDfrom the Universitat de Valenciain 1992. The research work is inperovskite solar cells, semiconductoroptoelectronics, mixed ionicelectronicconductors, and solar fuel converters based onvisible light and semiconductors for water splitting andCO2 reduction. His most well-known work is about themechanisms governing the operation of nanostructuredand solution-processed thin film solar cells. He hasdeveloped insights in the electronic processes in hybridorganic-inorganic solar cells, combining the noveltheory of semiconductor nanostructures, photoelectrochemistry, and systematic experimental demonstration.His contributions produced a broad range of conceptsand characterization methods to analyze the operationof photovoltaic and optoelectronic devices. He is a senioreditor of the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Hehas been distinguished several times in the list of ISIHighly Cited Researchers. Bisquert created nanoGeConferences and is the president of the Fundacio Scito.He wrote a novel of speculative fiction, The CanamelConjecture.

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