Ella the Elegant Elephant (Mixed media product)

Ella the Elegant Elephant By Steven D'Amico, Carmela D'Amico (Illustrator), Carmela D'Amico, Steven D'Amico (Illustrator), Diana Canova (Narrator) Cover Image
By Steven D'Amico, Carmela D'Amico (Illustrator), Carmela D'Amico, Steven D'Amico (Illustrator), Diana Canova (Narrator)
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She's younger than Babar, shyer than Lily, and every bit as cute as Olivia. Look out! Here's ELLA! Read along to this heart-warming tale of acceptance and help kids build important reading skills!

Ella's counting the days until the first day of school ... but not because she's eager to start! On the contrary, as the littlest elephant on Elephant Island, she's terribly nervous about the other kids she'll meet. Then she receives a beautiful red hat that belonged to her grandmother -- her new lucky charm. Big mean Belinda at school teases her for it, calling her "Ella the Elegant Elephant." But Ella's brave enough to hold on to her hat, and in the end, the hat (and her heart) save the day.

About the Author

Carmela D'Amico grew up with the modest goal of trying her hand at everything once. As of today, she's completed about 32% of her mission. Meanwhile, she documents her interest in everything under the sun by writing kids books, young adult fiction, essays, poems and anything else that strikes her fancy.
Steve D'Amico began drawing dinosaurs and superheroes at the age of five and was the cartoonist for his high school newspaper. Eventually he became Senior Art Director at Seattle-based Smashing Ideas where he designed and illustrated numerous games and websites for kids. Steve is the illustrator of several children's books, including the award-winning Ella The Elephant books, which became an animated TV series in 2014. He continues to illustrate and has two new books due out in 2015.

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ISBN: 9780439875899
ISBN-10: 0439875897
Publisher: Scholastic Audio Books
Publication Date: April 13th, 2006
Pages: 56
Language: English