Angels In The Dark (Paperback)

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My guardian angels are dead set on making me whole again.

When I'm taken by him, the criminal in charge of Mathieson Enterprises, my illusion of safety shatters. He has a Midas touch that is more destructive than it is beautiful. Now, I'm broken beyond repair.

But they're there to pull me back every time I retreat into myself.

Jay - my best friend - who hasn't left my side in years.

Griffin - an undercover cop - who loves me before he knows my name.

Sage - a mothering doctor - who stitches me back together.

Cy and Ember - the detached mercenaries - who take me in despite themselves.

To them, my survival is a threat. This is a dangerous game they're playing. Trying to keep me safe is playing with fire.

Sometimes the only way to find your way in the dark is to light a match.

*Author's note: This is a "why choose" novel, meaning the main female character doesn't have to choose between love interests. This is an lgbt+ dark contemporary romance, medium burn with a slow build harem. The characters are all adults 26 and above who identify as some version of queer. Readers can find tropes, tags, and content warnings on the author's website and in the forward at the beginning of the book. Angles In The Dark does end in a cliffhanger, however, there is a guaranteed HEA at the end of book two, Devil In The Dark.

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ISBN: 9780578285979
ISBN-10: 0578285975
Publisher: Shannon Fulton
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2022
Pages: 382
Language: English