The Ethics Of Magic: A Haunted Law Firm Novel (Paperback)

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After going through an emotionally difficult divorce, Mitch McCaffrey believes he finally has his life straightened out. He loves his job teaching English at Carolina Highlands Community College. He is hoping to marry the lovely Diana Corcoran Winstead. But his life falls apart when a student accuses him of sexual and racial harassment. He knows the accusation is bogus, but Monica Gilbert, the college Compliance Officer, pursues it with savage determination. She has more than philosophical differences with Mitch. She has personal axes to grind with both Mitch and Diana. She is determined to take Mitch's job.Mitch finds a good lawyer, Kathryn Turner. But Kathryn warns that the odds are against him, and the legal costs could wipe out his savings.Mitch may have another option. He is a Magic User. But his training is incomplete. And his deceased mentor cautioned him about the dangers of using magic for personal gain. It could backfire.And there's something else. Monica is a witch. She has no such scruples.But Mitch won't give up, and prepares for a cat and mouse game, both legal and magical.

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ISBN: 9780578807430
ISBN-10: 0578807432
Publisher: Robert L. Arrington
Publication Date: January 11th, 2021
Pages: 306
Language: English