When the Street Lights Come On (Paperback)

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Nothing about Jimmy McMullen's childhood was dysfunctional, unless you consider having big ears a "dysfunction". He grew-up in the late 50's with twin sisters, a year younger than himself, and had one good friend to accompany him on the journey from childhood to adolescence. But growing-up is hard, especially for a kid A first kiss or life's most embarrassing moment-two entirely different events I assure you-become monumental moments when viewed through the eyes of a kid. This book is a collection of such stories, all of which are true, that define one such life. But in a way they define all of us. It's about the feelings attached to the experiences of growing-up and one kid's attempt to make sense of the world around him. When the Street Lights Come On is about going home to a place in the heart that's warm and familiar. It's a book for kids about to embark on the journey called "growing-up" and for everyone who's already been initiated. In the end you'll be reminded that sometimes just showing up for the game of life can be the bravest thing a kid can do.

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ISBN: 9780595385560
ISBN-10: 0595385567
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: May 15th, 2006
Pages: 144
Language: English