Embracing Universal Individualism: Art as a Spiritual Construct (Paperback)

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The essay describes my experience of a spiritual journey in the world of contemporary art. We try to find the answers to questions like "Who I am?", "Where do I come from?", "What is the purpose of this life?". My endless curiosity helped me reveal the three dimensions of spirituality: the search for meaning in life, the search for a relationship with life's mysteries, and the search for the energy that would transform us to the next level of understanding about everything . Five features have great bearing on my art: 1. A strong presence of the concept of a beginning, middle and an end, which involves i. Its creation ii. The viewer's perception of it iii. The intellectual and the emotional conclusion drawn by a person from it 2. The influence of the current social environment, where there is a lack of individual experience of the innate harmony between one's spiritual world and material world 3. An honest attempt to influence people who seek spiritual harmony 4. Expression of the above harmony through the curvilinear nature of this art. 5. Presence of elements that can act as catalysts to the construction of spiritual harmony. The rapid growth in information technology is contributing new knowledge regarding the relationships among elements, which I feel will gradually enhance the human understanding of both the mundane and spiritual nature of reality. Such a state of affairs would be more conducive to decipher the statements placed in my work. That apart, I still feel that we are only a few steps away from understanding the mechanism of the divinity. I am sure that I will achieve that, having already realized that life is one wonderful spiritual journey.

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Publication Date: June 1st, 2013
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