Bravo, Persevere! (Paperback)

Bravo, Persevere! By Robert Spencer, Michael Musgrove (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Robert Spencer, Michael Musgrove (Illustrator)
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Persevere is a lonely little biplane. He used to carry passengers, but now they all travel on the bigger planes. Most of the jets look down on little Persevere, but his friend Claude, a big airliner, tries to cheer him up. It's Claude, too, who remembers Persevere when there's a problem that the large aircraft can't deal with. A rescue flight must be flown to a remote mountain airstrip - but the huge jets are too big and clumsy. For Persey, though, the mission is just right. His old pilot, Joe, comes out of retirement to fly him, and after a good check-up by the mechanic they set off. The mountain valleys become tighter and tighter, and the weather worsens, and the flight becomes more and more nerve-wracking; but at last Persey manages to manoeuvre down to the little landing strip. They collect their passenger, and set off on the tricky flight back. Persey and Joe return home heroes. The other aircraft crowd around to cheer and the story of the brave little biplaneis courage and determination is taken up by the media. Best of all, a new future is assured for Persey, for he is taken on by the wealthy owner of Claude's airline. He has proved himself, he is wanted: Persevere is happy at last. A tale of sadness turned to joy, of the underdogis perseverance winning through, this book will capture the imagination, stimulate the emotions, and fuel the will to win through of children everywhere. The text is colourfully illustrated and technically correct, and with the ever-increasing popularity of air shows and museums, visited by more and more youngsters, a lasting market is ensured for this attractive little volume.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780718829711
ISBN-10: 0718829719
Publisher: Lutterworth Press
Publication Date: August 28th, 1997
Pages: 32
Language: English