Paul of Dune: Book One of the Heroes of Dune (Mass Market)

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How does a hero become a tyrant?

At the end of DUNE, Paul “Muad’Dib” Atreides gathered his Fremen warriors and embarked on a great prophecy-driven jihad that will sweep across the Imperium.

PAUL OF DUNE is the epic story of that jihad: the planet-spanning battles, the breathtaking discoveries, the bloody treacheries. As the Fremen legions march from victory to victory, far from their beloved desert homeworld of Dune, Paul’s rule becomes harsher. Betrayals harden his spirit, old allies become enemies, and the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood and the remnants of Shaddam’s Imperium work to bring about his downfall.

And Paul himself begins to have doubts: Is the jihad getting out of his control? Has he created anarchy? Has he been betrayed by those he loves and trusts the most? He must rely on his beloved Chani, his loyal friend Gurney Halleck, and his mother Jessica and sister Alia to survive.

A must-read before the events of DUNE MESSIAH.

About the Author

Brian Herbert, son of Frank Herbert, wrote the definitive biography of his father, Dreamer of Dune, which was a Hugo Award finalist. Brian is president of the company managing the legacy of Frank Herbert and is an executive producer of the motion picture Dune, as well as of the TV series Dune: The Sisterhood. He is the author or coauthor of more than forty-five books, including multiple New York Times bestsellers, has been nominated for the Nebula Award, and is always working on several projects at once. He and his wife, Jan, have traveled to all seven continents, and in 2019, they took a trip to Budapest to observe the filming of Dune.

Kevin J. Anderson has written dozens of national bestsellers and has been nominated for the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, the Bram Stoker Award, and the SFX Readers' Choice Award. His critically acclaimed original novels include the ambitious space opera series The Saga of Seven Suns, including The Dark Between the Stars, as well as the Wake the Dragon epic fantasy trilogy, and the Terra Incognita fantasy epic with its two accompanying rock CDs. He also set the Guinness-certified world record for the largest single-author book signing, and was recently inducted into the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame.

Praise For…

“This vital link between the first two books of the Dune saga begins immediately after the close of Dune…This is good reading…. Standing well enough on its own for Dune novices, it goes without saying that it's must reading for established fans.” —Booklist on Paul of Dune

“Drawing on Frank Herbert's massive body of notes, the coauthors of the new Dune series continue their expansion and illumination of the unexplored pieces of one of the genre's most significant and powerful stories. A priority purchase for libraries of all sizes. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal (stared review) on Paul of Dune

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