Flying Dragons Paper Airplane Kit: 48 Paper Airplanes, 64 Page Instruction Book, 12 Original Designs, Youtube Video Tutorials (Other)

Flying Dragons Paper Airplane Kit: 48 Paper Airplanes, 64 Page Instruction Book, 12 Original Designs, Youtube Video Tutorials By Sam Ita, Paul Frasco Cover Image
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Fill the skies with your very own collection of colorful 3D dragons

This paper airplane book features a fabulous variety of dragon-themed paper planes--each with a unique form and flight characteristics. The full-color instructions provide step-by-step folding instructions for each model and "dragon mastery tips" to help you coax the best performance from each airplane. Folding these fun and challenging planes is a great activity for brain gymnastics

This book includes 12 exciting dragons, including:
  • The Chinese Dragon, a front-weighted dart that covers distance at an alarming rate
  • The Fighter Dragon, a fanciful dinosaur-cyborg warplane
  • The Swoop Dragon, an aerobatic performer that can turn on you if you're not careful
  • The Flying Shark, a menacing glider that patrols the skies in search of its prey
  • And many other impressive flying dragons

This paper airplane kit includes:
  • 48 printable paper airplane folding sheets
  • A 64 page full-color instruction book
  • 12 original dragon-themed paper airplane designs

**Winner of Creative Child Magazine 2018 Book of the Year Award**

About the Author

Sam Ita's fascination with paper airplanes began at an early age. He apprenticed for five years with Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart on bestselling pop-up titles including America the Beautiful and Encyclopedia Prehistorica, and on Christmas cards for the Museum of Modern Art. His creations include Christmas Tree In-a-Box, Van Gogh's Sunflowers In-a-Box, The Odyssey, Moby Dick, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Frankenstein. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Paul Frasco is an origami designer focused on expressive animal and fantasy designs boasting fun and accessible folding sequences. Paul's design aesthetic is influenced by modern origami greats like Robert Lang and the late Eric Joisel. The scale of Paul's work ranges from diminutive pieces folded from a single sheet of standard origami paper to oversized pieces--including one folded from a single 18' x 18' sheet of paper for installation at Stony Brook University's Wang Center for Asian Studies. He has been featured in public spaces, museums, libraries and galleries around the US. Paul co-authored Creative Origami and Beyond.

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ISBN: 9780804848572
ISBN-10: 0804848572
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Publication Date: August 1st, 2017
Language: English