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A hilarious novel about international finance and the banking crisis? Yes. No one can write them like Paul Murray (if you liked Skippy Dies read this one!). Of course, there is a great literary tradition of taking on the financial/clerical/bureaucratic world (Melville’s Bartleby, Kafka in The Trial, David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King to name a few) and making something profound, unsettling and delightful. This book belongs in there but goes another step by being so funny, so tender, so full of character and good story and by being about our time, right now.

— From arlo klahr


Short-listed for the Bord Gais Energy Irish Book Awards in the Eason Book Club Novel of the Year category.

What links the Investment Bank of Torabundo, (yes, with an s, don't ask), an art heist, a novel called For the Love of a Clown, a six-year-old boy with the unfortunate name of Remington Steele, a lonely French banker, a tiny Pacific island, and a pest control business run by an ex-KGB agent?
The Mark and the Void is Paul Murray's madcap new novel of institutional folly, following the success of his wildly original breakout hit, Skippy Dies. While marooned at his banking job in the bewilderingly damp and insular realm known as Ireland, Claude Martingale is approached by a down-on-his-luck author, Paul, looking for his next great subject. Claude finds that his life gets steadily more exciting under Paul's fictionalizing influence; he even falls in love with a beautiful waitress. But Paul's plan is not what it seems and neither is Claude's employer, the Investment Bank of Torabundo, which swells through dodgy takeovers and derivatives trading until well, you can probably guess how that shakes out.
The Mark and the Void is the funniest novel ever written about the recent financial crisis, and a stirring examination of the deceptions carried out in the names of art and commerce.

About the Author

Paul Murray was born in 1975. He studied English literature at Trinity College in Dublin and creative writing at the University of East Anglia. His first novel, An Evening of Long Goodbyes, was short-listed for the Whitbread Prize in 2003 and was nominated for the Kerry Irish Fiction Award. His second novel, Skippy Dies, was short-listed for a 2010 Costa Book Award and long-listed for the 2010 Man Booker Prize, was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, and was ranked number three in Time's ten best books of 2010.
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ISBN: 9780865477551
ISBN-10: 0865477558
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Publication Date: October 20th, 2015
Pages: 480
Language: English