Croesus and the Witch and Hansel and Gretel (in the 1980s) (Paperback)

Croesus and the Witch and Hansel and Gretel (in the 1980s) By Vinnette Carroll, Marie Thomas, Micki Grant (Composer) Cover Image
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This collection includes one short and one full-length musical play. CROESUS AND THE WITCH: In this tale based on an African-American fable, Croesus and his brothers are on a search for success and money. They come up with the idea of finding and catching large numbers of deer, which would not only bring them success but would also help the people of the village. On their journey, they are warned many times about the witch Hecuba. With her crafty disguises, she runs into them on several occasions and continuously tries to be a road block on their path to success. The brothers become heroes in the village after bringing an end to Hecuba and her tricky ways. HANSEL AND GRETEL (IN THE 1980S): This play updates the familiar fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm from the 1800s to the 1980s. Hansel and Gretel's stepmother, Irma, has a plan to get rid of them. Using a magic spell she convinces her husband, Herman, to get the children out of the house. Once the children are gone, the animals of the forest work to help Hansel and Gretel get back home and escape from the evil Wilma the Witch.

"CROESUS AND THE WITCH is designed as a children's show, but it is one entertainment that families can enjoy." -Mel Gussow, New York Times

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