Dominican Spanish: One Word at a Time (Foreign Language #1) (Paperback)

Dominican Spanish: One Word at a Time (Foreign Language #1) By Timothy P. Banse Cover Image
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Learn Dominican Spanish One Word at a Time - It's EasyNo matter whether traveling to the Dominican Republic as a tourist, a student, or moving there as an expatriate, this guide will serve you well. You already know the Spanish spoken by Dominicanos is a distinct and unique idiom, rich with words, phrases, and slang they don't teach in high school Spanish class.Intended for English speakers, this book shares common words, phrases, and slang you need to communicate in everyday situations:
  • When ordering a meal in a restaurant
  • Ordering a drink in a bar.
  • Bargain for fresh produce at the mercado.
  • While flirting,
  • When getting street directions.
  • When hiring a taxi.
  • Snorkeling on the reefs
  • Zip-lining in the jungle.
  • Relaxing on beautiful beaches.

That said, be advised that this little book is neither a complete course in learning the Spanish language nor a textbook. Instead of a scholarly work, it is a basic introduction to Dominican Republic Spanish, a good beginner's guide you can handily carry on your travels, either in your back pocket or tucked away in a backpack. This guide contains a wealth of words and expressions you can look up when you hear or read them to know what is happening around you.

The best strategy: Before you go, spend a night or two curled up with the book gaining familiarity with the wisdom it contains. That way, when you hear a vaguely familiar word on the street, you will know which page to consult to jog your memory. Even if you studied Spanish in high school, learning a few words of Dominican Republic-specific slang pays big dividends through more enjoyable conversation. And even more importantly, it will help you fit in a little better. Instead of being seen as some soul-less gringo tourist, the locals will hold you in higher esteem. As a result, you may make new friends, and as a bonus, perhaps get a better price on a hotel room or lower prices while shopping.A Sampling of Dominican Republic Foods:
  • Ahuyama - A yam used in many soups for nutrition and color
  • Aj - A generic pepper
  • Aji Verde - Green pepper
  • Alb ndigas - meatballs
  • Alcachofas - artichokes
  • Algarrobo - This is an extraordinary, fuzzy textured fruit. When opened, it reeks, hence its nickname mierda en cajeta (shit in a little box) texture. Once you get past the foul odor, the fruit is sweet and delicious.
  • Arbejas - peas
  • Arenque - stewed herring
  • Arepa - is a spicy, baked pudding made from cornmeal and coconut
  • Arepitas de Ma z - fried corn meal cakes that resemble cornbread
  • Bacala tos - codfish fritters
  • Bacalao - codfish
  • Barbacoa - barbecue
  • Batata Frita - sweet potato fritters
  • Batata - sweet potato
  • Batida - a drink blended with fruit, ice, sugar, and either regular or Carnation milk

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