Handy Formulas for Stick Framing Roofs (Paperback)

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Have you always wanted a pocket-sized book illustrating all the roof framing formulas that you use on a daily basis? Well, wait no longer - Handy Formulas for Stick Framing Roofs is exactly that. Will Holladay pulled the most commonly used figures from his classic roof framing manual A Roof Cutter's Secrets and placed them in a mini-book about the size of your smartphone. Absolutely perfect for the job-site. Now you can leave the 350 page version of A Roof Cutter's Secrets at home or in your pickup. The figures are laid out horizontally over two pages so they can be read easily. Each figure is an exact duplicate from what is found in A Roof Cutter's Secrets. Therefore, in addition to the graphic and caption it contains the "method" and "example" segments if a math solution is required. If relevant, the methodology for applying the Construction Master(R) Pro calculator can be found on an adjoining page. Stick Framing Roofs also includes the eight mainstay charts found in A Roof Cutter's Secrets including: RR and LL ratios; Hip/Valley backing angles; Side- and Bevel-Cuts on the Hip/Valley rafter tail with square-hung fascia; and, Regular California Valley sleeper head/tail cuts. Everything you need for standard roof framing situations. Slip Stick Framing Roofs in your pocket and together with your calculator or smartphone and you are good to go.

PLEASE NOTE: This book is for experienced rough carpenters only - specifically those who are familiar with and possess a copy of A Roof Cutter's Secrets since in this mini-book there are no textual explanations other than the figure caption and method blurb.

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ISBN: 9780945186182
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Publisher: W & H Publishers
Publication Date: June 4th, 2020
Pages: 198
Language: English