Girl in the Pickle Jar (Paperback)

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An innocent seventeen-year-old girl is propelled into life-threatening danger when she meets Danny van der Linder, South Africa's most feared drug lord, who stops at nothing to own Anna.

Inspired by real events, Girl in the Pickle Jar is Nicola Ann Beykirch's debut novel. It is a raw and scandalous account of Anna Savanna Wilde's entrapment inside South Africa's callous underworld.

The only way Anna can survive is by beating Danny at his own treacherous game.

But is she capable?

Girl in the Pickle Jar deals with emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. It conveys, in stark detail, how drugs are detrimental to people's lives.

It has become a plea to all young and new adults: Speak up. Find someone to confide in. Seek help. Allow the law to protect you. If you are struggling, please talk to someone you trust, even if it's a teacher at school. And a plea to parents: Please do not ignore your child if they appear struggling. They may fight you; do whatever you can to help free them. At least try.

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ISBN: 9780956265241
ISBN-10: 0956265243
Publisher: Nicola Beykirch
Publication Date: August 19th, 2023
Pages: 314
Language: English