Grandpa! Tell Us a Story Drinking from Ancient Wells the Afrosacredstar Story Ancient West African Spirituality (Paperback)

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Kicking the Game around with my granddaughter's Ancient Ancestors. "Well Granddaughters, I kind of moved into the position of taking your minds on adventures, as I have been doing throughout the "Grandpa Tell us a Story/ Drinking from Ancient Wells series." That means that I can afford to indulge in my favorite pass time of entertaining your brains with something that has been bothering my mind for a long time. I believe it is time that we have a Family reunion with our Ancient African Ancestors. Although we inherited many things from them, things we used to survive and grow as a people, somewhere along the line we seem to have forgotten about them. Most of the ones that haven't been forgotten, there seems to be a lot of negative thoughts about them. Our Ancestors don't deserve this kind of treatment. They should be held in high esteem out of respect for their gifts. This means that we don't know much about them on a conscious level, and therefore, don't show our appreciation for their gifts. That is a shame; after all, they are the roots of the whole Black race, which makes them family. Now tell me, is that any way for family members to act towards each other? Grandpa personally believes that we should have a special holiday set aside to have communion with our Ancient Ancestors. After all, we have Mother's day, Father's day, some are even talking about a Grandparent's day; so why not Ancestors day (slave Ancestors), and Ancient Ancestors day (African Ancestors)? They are our Ancient grandparents, parents, and cousins. It is time to acknowledge them and their Games as members of our family; isn't that what History of the Game is all about? I say, lets have a family reunion with our Ancient African Ancestors, get re-acquainted, and then decide what day of the year to honor their memory; create a holiday. What do you think of that as a way to entertain your brain, and maybe learn something about yourself in the process?

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