Tex (Success and Failure) (Paperback)

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In the twenty-first century, relationships have been transformed in unprecedented ways. Technology has birthed a paradoxical space between isolation and connectivity profoundly expanding the possibilities for how and with whom we create intimacy. An experiment between the epistolary and the ectype, Tex is a performance act in print. Featuring walk-ons by various interlocutors, this mnemonic outpour examines the potentiality of relationships in the digital age. Metonymic displacements, grammatical violations and verbal spillage form this rowdy non-narrative documenting one LA artist's sexual exploits, an evolving attachment to Texas-based former fling, Matt G, and the determination and opportunism involved with the continually forthcoming publication of this, his first book. (Rated X for strong language and sexual content.)

Product Details
ISBN: 9780978556419
ISBN-10: 0978556410
Publisher: Penny Ante Editions
Publication Date: November 18th, 2014
Pages: 252
Language: English
Series: Success and Failure