The Heretic's Guide to Thelema Volume 1: New Aeon Magick (Paperback)

The Heretic's Guide to Thelema Volume 1: New Aeon Magick By Gerald Enrique Del Campo Cover Image
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The Heretic's Guide to Thelema Volume 1: New Aeon Magick In your hands is a new edition of a now classic work from a long-time practitioner of Thelema. It is a expression of his experience in a variety of forms of Thelema and a number of Thelemic institutions. First written as an explanation for the author's young children, this recently corrected and improved version is a unique presentation of Thelema as it is actually lived. It is valuable to us all not because it is right, or orthodox, or for any other reason but that is IS. Thelema needs every form itself to be manifest in order for its full potential to be realized. Some will object, and thelemically, they are welcome to do so. But the Magi have always learned from Nature and so we must note that although Nature abhors a vacuum, She hates monocultures: She always and only destroys them. Variety and diversity only will strengthen the current of Thelema. As it is said: Success is your proof. Gerald Enrique del Campo is a poet, musician, songwriter, photographer, magician, philosopher, author, and lecturer on occult and religious topics. He was a member of the O.T.O. for 20 years and served as Master of RPSTOVAL Oaisis and as the Order's Quartermaster. He was also a member of the College of Thelema, Fraternitas Lux Occulta, and The Hermetic Order of QBLH, and was a founding member of the Temple of Thelema. In 1999 he founded the The Order of Thelemic Knights, a Thelemic charitable organization based on the virtues soldiering and chivalry as exemplified by Templarism. Besides New Aeon Magick, Del Campo also wrote New Aeon English Qabalah Revealed and the Ethics of Thelema, forthcoming as separate volumes by Concrescent Press as part of the Heretic's Guide to Thelema collection.

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ISBN: 9780984372935
ISBN-10: 0984372938
Publisher: Concrescent Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2011
Pages: 212
Language: English