Money, Wealth & War (Hardcover)

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An essential reference on the history & meaning of money, it's role in the cycle of trade and war, patterns of wealth across generations and how they differ by wealth category. Replace the limited vision of saving only for retirement with a generational wealth building plan. Gain understanding, using family backgrounds of 16 of the world's wealthiest people told in a narrative style with over 120 color illustrations. Examine connections between increases in productivity and the invention of money, corporations, trade and war. Learn: - The seven stage cycle of trade, money & war. - How to know whom you can trust and collaborate with. - How to train and encourage your children. - Why relying on jobs will not work well in the future. - How to get dividends & index fund growth. - How to analyze an early retirement or buyout situation. - Whether monetary unions or sanctions can avoid war? - Whether liberal or conservative policies lead to peace? Last but not least, learn how to get 10-30% return safely.

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ISBN: 9780991113071
ISBN-10: 0991113071
Publisher: Robert Shuler
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2016
Pages: 310
Language: English