Walking on Custard & the Meaning of Life: A Guide for Anxious Humans (Paperback)

Walking on Custard & the Meaning of Life: A Guide for Anxious Humans By Neil Hughes, Tom Humberstone (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Neil Hughes, Tom Humberstone (Illustrator)
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Occasional comedian and full-time worrier Neil Hughes probably isn't the kind of person you'd expect to write a helpful book.

He's an idiot. (At least, according to his Inner Critic.)

But during his anxious bumbling through existence he somehow discovered how to manage the unhelpful side of his brain, and how to replace his constant anxiety with inner peace.

(Oh... and he stumbled on the Meaning of Life, too.)

Now he's sharing a unique mix of hilarious real-life stories, inventive fantasy fiction and badly-drawn graphs so you too can be less anxious and more happy.

In this compelling, surprising and delightful guide to life for humans, Neil overcomes the constant interruptions of his Inner Critic to explore everything from brains to beliefs to panic attacks.

(Without forgetting to cover love, crises, relationships, purpose, contentment... and even death and the Meaning of Life itself.)

Whether you're pitying Neil's hapless attempts to navigate the real world, or joining him on imaginary adventures to outer space or magical shops, you're never far from discovering a deep insight into anxiety, a new technique to help you live more happily, or simply a laugh at the absurdity of existence.

And, somehow, it turns out everything can be explained using custard...

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ISBN: 9780993166808
ISBN-10: 0993166806
Publisher: Enthusiastic Whim
Publication Date: March 31st, 2015
Pages: 308
Language: English