Russian Religious Philosophy: 1989-1990 Lectures (Hardcover)

Russian Religious Philosophy: 1989-1990 Lectures By S. Janos (Translator), Aleksandr Men' Cover Image
By S. Janos (Translator), Aleksandr Men'
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1st English translation: "Russian Religious Philosophy", a series of lectures by the noted Russian Orthodox priest, Fr. Aleksandr Men' (1935-1990), shares insights and details into the lives and thought of some major Russian philosophic figures, Soviet era former "forbidden authors", significant names just then beginning to be repatriated and published in Russia. Fr Men' was able to lecture openly, he even spoke on Russian television during these final Soviet years -- it was the hopeful "Gorbachev era", a time of "perestroika" (restructuring) and "glasnost'" (openness), even regarding religious renewal. These Lectures discuss a series of seminal Russian religio-philosophic figures and events: Vl. Solov'ev, S, N. & E. N. Trubetskoy, L. Tolstoy, D. S. Merezhkovsky & Z. Gippius, N. A. Berdyaev, the priests S. Bulgakov & P. Florensky, S. L. Frank, G. P. Fedotov, Mother Maria (Skobtsova) -- most in exile abroad, some perishing tragically. Personal details of Fr. Men's own life are interwoven with some of these figures. The modern reader, both the general reader and the specialist, can find much of value and intellectually enriching in this text. The search for the meaning of life and the philosophic love of truth have never gone out of fashion... These Lectures, along with much else, were later transcribed by the "Aleksandr Men' Fond" in Moscow. The final Lecture was on "Mother Maria Skobtsova", who perished in Ravensbrueck Nazi concentration camp. One mere week later, on 9 Sept. 1990, Fr. Aleksandr Men' was himself brutally murdered, a crime never since solved nor perpetrator found. The publication of this text is intended to serve both in respectful tribute to his profound legacy, and in 25th Year Commemoration of the Memory of Fr. Aleksandr Men'

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