The Kabbalah Monographs (Paperback)

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The Kabbalah Monographs includes four works: The Work of Briah, The Set of the World, The Master of Hiddeness, The Configurations. These monographs, which in a sense trace Jason Shulman's thinking about Kabbalah over a period of some twenty-five years, are all meant to help us make this planet our home, to make this fleeting time allotted to us useful and beautiful, to make the most vaunted spiritual discourse point us in the direction of what is really important: the love of everything we were born into. They are meant-for those of us who find an earthy fragrance in words about ideas-to encourage all of us to be strong and flexible, to never give up, in the words of another sage, Reb Nachman of Breslov, and to concentrate on being the love we so long to receive. Over the past forty years of teaching, Jason Shulman has worked to reconcile the deistic or relative paths of liberation with the consciousness of Buddhism and other non-theistic paths to create a truly nondual path of healing that does not exclude any aspect of reality. His work emphasizes the healing of the personal ego and its rightful place in any path that seeks liberation from ignorance and the awakening of compassion. His work also seeks to bring the truly human world, with its imperfections, into alignment with the realization of transcendent awareness. More about the Library and Jason's work and outreach can be found at the Foundation for Nonduality website.

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