The Giant Vesicle Book (Paperback)

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By Rumiana Dimova (Editor), Carlos M. Marques (Editor)


Giant vesicles are widely used as a model membrane system, both for basic biological systems and for their promising applications in the development of smart materials and cell mimetics, as well as in driving new technologies in synthetic biology and for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. The reader is guided to use giant vesicles, from the formation of simple membrane platforms to advanced membrane and cell system models. It also includes fundamentals for understanding lipid or polymer membrane structure, properties and behavior. Every chapter includes ideas for further applications and discussions on the implications of the observed phenomena towards understanding membrane-related processes. The Giant Vesicle Book is meant to be a road companion, a trusted guide for those making their first steps in this field as well as a source of information required by experts.

Key Features

- A complete summary of the field, covering fundamental concepts, practical methods, core theory, and the most promising applications

- A start-up package of theoretical and experimental information for newcomers in the field

- Extensive protocols for establishing the required preparations and assays

- Tips and instructions for carefully performing and interpreting measurements with giant vesicles or for observing them, including pitfalls

- Approaches developed for investigating giant vesicles as well as brief overviews of previous studies implementing the described techniques

- Handy tables with data and structures for ready reference

About the Author

Rumiana Dimova leads an experimental lab in biophysics at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam, Germany. She has been working with giant vesicles already from the beginning of her scientific career. After being introduced into the magic of their preparation during her studies as a student in Bulgaria, she remained fascinated by their application and over the years pursued a variety of projects employing giant vesicles as a platform to develop new methods for the biophysical characterization of membranes and processes involving them. Until now, these studies have resulted in more than hundred peer-reviewed publications. Recently, she was also awarded the Emmy Noether distinction for women in physics of the European Physical Society.Carlos Marques, a CNRS senior scientist, founded the MCube group at the Charles Sadron Institute in Strasbourg, France, where he gears experimental and theoretical research towards the understanding of the physical properties of self-assembled lipid bilayers. Trained as a polymer theoretician, Carlos first got interested in membranes because they interact with polymers and published the first prediction for the membrane changes expected when polymers adsorb on lipid bilayers. He then expanded the scope of his group to include experiments and numerical simulations, and has now published many papers based on research with giant unilamellar vesicles, including the first study of lipid oxidation in GUVs and the discovery of the so-called PVA method for vesicle growth.

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ISBN: 9781032337890
ISBN-10: 1032337893
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication Date: June 14th, 2022
Pages: 676
Language: English