The Girl from the Sea (Paperback)

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The Girl From The Sea will plunge you into an epic love story between a mermaid princess and a human that defies all boundaries. When Richie falls for Lauryn, he's determined to prove his love by embarking on a treacherous journey to get the water of life and release captured sea beings. But to achieve their goals, they must first survive the Shark's kingdom, and Antarctica, the home of killer whales.

Bimpe Gold-Idowu has crafted an action-packed adventure that will take you deep into an enchanting world of supernatural powers, where danger lurks around every corner. With heart-racing moments and epic battles, The Girl From The Sea is a thrilling read that will make you hold your breath until the very last page.

Join Lauryn and Richie as they brave all odds to save their worlds, in The Girl From The Sea. Will they ever return from their perilous journey? You'll have to read to find out.

Excerpt from book


"Oh no, loosen, loose around me, no..."

She sat upright and sensed her leg had changed. She flew the blanket cover her away from her body, and saw she had changed into a human.

Lauryn slowly looked up her him in dread. "You... you saw it?" She stammered.

Richie nodded. "I never knew mermaid are real," coming toward Lauryn with a tray in his hands.

"You saved my life."

"Drink this. Breakfast will soon be ready." Richie placed the tray on a table by the bed.

"Thank you." She avoided to look directly at him.

She took the tray and set it on her laps.


Richie and Lauryn walked on a lonely road. The cloud looked red as if crying and the sand was of mixtures of brown, gray and black. There were flashes of thunder in the sky, but strangely enough, there was no sound with it. Lauryn and Richie, dressed in combat attires, and carrying a backpack with each holding desert dweller water bottle, walked for some minute and got to a door.

They read the writing on the door. The Shark's Kingdom is out of bound for other fishes and human.

At the door was a drawing of a half red moon, besides the moon was a picture of a whale with red eyes, had its mouth wide open with its teeth showing menacingly, there was a symbol of danger in black and red colour, with what seemed like blood splattered all over the door. Lauryn and Richie looked at each other, sighed, and Lauryn opened the door. Immediately, Lauryn opened the door. They both entered. Series of thunders sounded as Lauryn and Richie looked around for some minutes. They looked around with fear, then relaxed. As they were about to move forward, something screamed and before they could move, two lions leaped upon them. Richie and Lauryn fought and struggled with the lions. Richie drew out a pocketknife from his back pocket. He lunged toward the lion he was fighting with and stabbed its eye without waiting for the lion to attack him again. He made for its throat and slashed its throat. The lion fell on top of him, pushed it away and ran to where Lauryn was struggling with the second lion. Lauryn put her hands in the lion's mouth, tore its mouth apart, and pushed the lion away.

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ISBN: 9781088028933
ISBN-10: 1088028934
Publisher: Seed Publishing House
Publication Date: March 31st, 2023
Pages: 118
Language: English