Southern Ghost Stories: Chattanooga (Paperback)

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By Sircy
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Step into the eerie and captivating world of Chattanooga's haunted past with "Southern Ghost Stories: Chattanooga." Uncover the chilling tales that have been whispered through generations, bringing to life the specters and mysteries that linger within this historic city.

Journey through the pages as you follow the audacious exploits of grave robbers who dared to disturb the eternal rest of the deceased. Explore the enigmatic history of the Read House, where echoes of the past refuse to be silenced. Feel the shivers down your spine as you delve into the legend of Annalisa Neatherly, forever trapped in Room 311, her spectral presence a haunting reminder of secrets best left hidden.

Experience the thrills of Lookout Mountain, where the echoes of the Civil War's Battle Above the Clouds still resonate. Descend into the depths of Ruby Falls, where darkness hides untold tales and spine-tingling encounters. Unearth the ghostly legends that enshroud Chattanooga, revealing the paranormal encounters and inexplicable phenomena that have stirred both wonder and dread.

Meet the mediums who once held's ances in the heart of Chattanooga, attempting to bridge the gap between the living and the ethereal. And beware the chilling legend of the Tennessee River Monster, a monstrous creature that plagued the minds of 1800s inhabitants and whose presence still lingers in the imagination.

"Southern Ghost Stories: Chattanooga" invites you to embrace the unknown, to walk the haunted streets, and to unravel the enigmas that have woven themselves into the fabric of this remarkable city. Dare to venture forth and uncover the spine-chilling history that awaits in every shadowy corner and whispered legend.

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ISBN: 9781088259238
ISBN-10: 1088259235
Publisher: Allen Sircy
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2023
Pages: 182
Language: English