The Secrets of the I Ching: Ancient Wisdom and New Science (Paperback)

The Secrets of the I Ching: Ancient Wisdom and New Science By Joseph K. Kim, Dr. David S. Lee Cover Image
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A comprehensive guide to the mysteries of the I Ching.

Originally discovered around 3,000 BCE, the I Ching is a collection of symbols that explain how patterns in the universe change and shift. These sixty-four symbols contain within them one of the most powerful keys to understanding the world around us. The Secrets of the I Ching is the definitive guide to understanding the ancient mysteries and foundations of the I Ching.

Authors Dr. David Lee and Joseph K. Kim guide the reader from the very beginning of Eastern thought, the concepts of Tao and Tai Chi, through the theory of Yin-Yang, Trinity, the Five Elements, and other critical concepts that will unlock the full meaning of the I Ching. Instead of simply re-interpreting the myriad of meanings ascribed to the I Ching, they focus on the symbols themselves, offering a new way of understanding its unique power.

Filled with over three hundred images and backed by in-depth research and study, The Secrets of the I Ching is the ultimate guide to the I Ching and essential reading for anyone interested in exploring the power of this ancient source of wisdom and knowledge.

About the Author

As a third-generation Eastern medicine practitioner, Dr. Joseph K. Kim, L. Ac., O.M.D., Ph.D., specializes in Sasang "Constitutional" Medicine. Dr. Kim received advanced clinical training in China and Korea and has five books in print. Additionally, he has written numerous articles on various aspects of Eastern medicine. He maintains a private practice in Encino, California.

Dr. David S. Lee runs a private practice in Seoul, Korea, practicing both Eastern and Western medicine. His research has focused on brain imaging, acupuncture, and the integration of Eastern and Western medicine. He has taught at UC Irvine and Kyunghee University.

Praise For…

"This is a beautifully written book that introduces and explores the intricacies of the I Ching. Beginning with an exploration of its philosophy and principles, the authors explain how they arise in traditional Eastern medicine and their connections with mathematics, physics, biology, psychology, and virtually every aspect of our existence. If you are interested in understanding an Eastern view of our lives, then this is the book for you."
Sheldon Kamienny, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the University of Southern California

“The authors delve into the complexities of the I Ching, unraveling its profound symbols and principles. The practical applications and real-life examples further enhance readers’ understanding and enable the integration of ancient wisdom into our daily experiences. Drawing from diverse fields such as philosophy, mathematics, physics, and psychology, the book demonstrates how these principles resonate with various aspects of our lives, from science and nature to human relationships and personal growth. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection to the universe as you unlock the secrets of the Book of Changes.”
Professor Sanghoon Lee, MD, PhD, MPH, MBA, Kyung Hee University College of Korean Medicine, Director of the International Education Institute of Korean Medicine, Vice Director of the WHO Collaborating Center, East-West Medical Research Institute

"In lucid and insightful writing, and by providing many everyday references as well as scientific examples, the authors make the profound principles of I Ching accessible to laypeople, enabling them to understand and connect with its wisdom. The book successfully integrates East and West thinking by utilizing the principles and wisdom of I Ching. The principles of I Ching underlie all worldly phenomena and, therefore, also underlie traditional Sasang medicine, including pulse diagnosis, acupuncture, herbal treatment, and dietary recommendations for the four main body types. This brilliant and comprehensive treatise is an indispensable tool for deepening our understanding of our life experience."
Kenneth L. Subotnik, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Jane and Terry Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA

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