The Minor Law Books (Paperback)

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By Julius Jolly (Translator)
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"The Minor Law Books" translated by Julius Jolly provide a valuable translation of Hindu legal texts authored by Narada and Brihaspati in the sixth century CE. These texts offer insights into courtroom procedures reflective of the period. In particular Jolly highlights the similarity of these works to the celebrated Hindu drama, "The Little Clay Cart," underscoring the historical context and continuity of legal practices. As a later addition to the sacred legal literature, this translation unravels the intricacies of Hindu jurisprudence, offering readers a glimpse into the evolving legal landscape of ancient India. "The Minor Law Books" stands as a significant contribution to understanding the nuances of legal thought in Hinduism beyond the well-known earlier texts.

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ISBN: 9781396323164
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Publication Date: December 12th, 2023
Pages: 414
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