Renters' Rights (Paperback)

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Sooner or later it will happen ...

The landlord ignores your repair requests. Your roommates are once again late with their share of the rent. Your upstairs neighbors party all the time. The landlord won't return your security deposit. How can you deal with these problems--and others--or prevent them from happening at all? Turn to Renters' Rights if you need to:

break a lease and leave early

sublet your apartment

deal with unwelcome landlord intrusions

resolve a dispute with your roommate

get your landlord to make repairs

collect your full security deposit when you move out

fight discrimination or retaliation, and

The 11th edition is completely updated to reflect changes to state laws and federal antidiscrimination laws. It also includes advice on how to deal with corporate landlords and property managers.

Are you a California resident? Check out California's Tenants' Rights

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