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Newly Revised Second Edition!

Fully updated and featuring more than 45,000 entries, this is the classic Russian-English English-Russian Dictionary from Langenscheidt, the premier source for foreign language reference tools.

Students, teachers, travelers, and professionals can confidently rely on this invaluable 2-in-1 volume that includes:

• Hundreds of new words reflecting today's cultural, political, and technological changes, plus contemporary idioms and expressions
• Full pronunciation keys for both Russian and English entries
• Comprehensive grammar tables with detailed information on the conjugation and declension of Russian verbs, nouns, and adjectives
• The Russian alphabet as it is printed, written, and pronounced
• A wealth of examples that put isolated words and phrases into context
• A quick reference section on proper names, weights and measures, and abbreviations
• Easy-to-read typography, plus a helpful guide to using the dictionary most effectively

The foreign language dictionary for people on the move!

About the Author

The Langenscheidt Publishing Group is one of the premier map and travel companies today. It offers over 4,000 North American and international maps, dictionaries, and travel-products worldwide.

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ISBN: 9781439142370
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Publication Date: May 26th, 2009
Pages: 624
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