Some Edible Mushrooms and How to Know Them (Paperback)

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This comprehensive book provides a detailed guide on the selection and preparation of wild mushrooms for culinary enjoyment. Complete with wonderful illustrations by the author, this rare text is the perfect book for wild mushroom hunters and would make a great addition to any collection of interesting cookbooks. This little gem of Nina Lane Faubion's covers only the edible varieties of mushrooms, combined with a chapter on the poisonous Amanita family which is the main offender in cases of severe mushroom poisoning. If the reader takes into account the information provided in said chapter, they can safely transform very cheap and ordinary dishes into attractive and interesting meals. Mushrooms discussed in this text include: Coprinus, Puff-Balls, Helvellaceae, Clavariaceae, Boletus, Lepiota, and many more. Elected for modern republication due to its educational value, Some Edible Mushrooms And How To Know Them is proudly republished here complete with a prefatory introduction on the subject.

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ISBN: 9781446519684
ISBN-10: 1446519686
Publisher: Josephs Press
Publication Date: November 23rd, 2010
Pages: 132
Language: English