SolidWorks Ultimate Training (Paperback)

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The many uses of SolidWorks Software is enormous and covering all its capabilities in any single book, is quite impossible however most topics to get the Student/Design Engineer to understand the easy and simple approach to design, has been well explained. The Tutorials started by introducing the Student/Design Engineer to New tools and their location and uses. Examples of processes were explained step by step with loads of practical references and different approach to design covered. Topics that included, but not limited to, Sheet metal design, Weldments, Equations and Configuration, although new to most CAD students were explained in simple terms as basic as possible. By so doing everyone including the beginner would be able to have a feel for using the valuable pages in achieving various goals. After going through all the pages in this priceless book, the Novice will get to know new terminology of the Software and its uses, the Beginner will be comfortable with the migration from Basic Cad software to 3D Modeling; the Intermediate Student/Designer will cover Parametric design and equations; the Experienced user will be introduced to Customization of the Software; for an example Forming Tools design and the Advanced designer is challenged to the Final Project to explore all the limits and test parts with Linear Analysis utilizing Simulation Express and degree of freedom in special visualization. The Capability is Endless, Welcome Aboard.

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ISBN: 9781456728144
ISBN-10: 1456728148
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: March 1st, 2011
Pages: 808
Language: English