The Next Economics: Global Cases in Energy, Environment, and Climate Change (Hardcover)

The Next Economics: Global Cases in Energy, Environment, and Climate Change By Woodrow W. Clark II (Editor) Cover Image
By Woodrow W. Clark II (Editor)
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​​​​​​​​ ​1. Market Solutions for Climate Change.- 2. Energy Security in the Asia-Pacific Region.- 3. Asia's Role in the Global Economic Architecture.- 4. Energy Economics in China's Policy-Making Plan.- 5. The Economics of The Green Industrial Revolution.- 6. The Logic of Qualitative Business Economics - A perspective on Science.- 7. Energy Planning for Regional.- 8. Transformation and Opportunity: California's Economic Gains through Environmental Goals.-9. Economic-environmental performance of micro-wind turbine in Mediterranean area.- 10. The "Cheap Energy Contract" A Critical Roadblock to Effective Energy Policy in the USA.- 11. Financial Feasibility Analyses of Renewable Energy Projects.- 12. Conclusions: The Future is NOW.​

About the Author

Dr. Clark, a long-time advocate for the environment and renewable energy, is an internationally recognized author, lecturer, public speaker and advisor specializing in sustainable communities. Dr. Clark was one of the contributing scientists to the work of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC), which as an organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in December 2007. His contribution was for work as the co-writer on Chapter 2 on Finance and Economics and the co-editor for Chapter 3 on Legal and Contracts. Currently, he is Academic Specialist, UCLA Provost Office and Cross-Disciplinary Scholars in Science and Technology.

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Publication Date: December 5th, 2012
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