Under Your Feet... Soil, Sand and Everything Underground (Underground and All Around) (Hardcover)

Under Your Feet... Soil, Sand and Everything Underground (Underground and All Around) By Wenjia Tang (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Wenjia Tang (Illustrator)
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Down where worms wriggle and microbes squirm, there's a whole world waiting to be discovered...

Under Your Feet delves beneath the Earth's surface and explores the diverse wonders hidden there. Encounter creatures of the deep and marvel at the mind-boggling size of the humongous fungus - the biggest organism in the world. Learn how one handful of ordinary soil contains more organisms than there are people on Earth, and carry out experiments using dirt from your own back garden.

Under Your Feet offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the natural world and soil-dwelling creatures big and small. Bursting with colorful illustrations and photography, this is the perfect book for budding young plant experts, animal fanatics, and geologists, and anyone who is curious about the ground we walk on.

About the Author

Marc Redmile-Gordon is an expert in the crucial link between soil and climate change, and is part of the RHS's science team. His work as a soil scientist focuses on how we can help stop human-driven climate change through improving soil quality.

Jackie Stroud is a soil scientist based at Rothamsted Research, England, one of the oldest agricultural research stations in the world. She is a devoted science communicator, often found out-and-about at events or in the media talking about the importance of healthy soil for farming. She pioneered World Worm Week, which raises awareness of the importance of worms in the soil ecosystem.

Wenjia Tang was born in China, and moved to the US when she was 15. She graduated from MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) in 2017 and now lives in New York. She describes herself as an animal lover, and her previous work includes creating all the artwork for the educational app Mammals. Wenjia's artistic style is influenced by printmaking. Her work can be found on her website wenjiatang.com and her Instagram @wtangart.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781465490957
ISBN-10: 1465490957
Publisher: DK Children
Publication Date: April 7th, 2020
Pages: 64
Language: English
Series: Underground and All Around