College Teaching at Its Best: Inspiring Students to Be Enthusiastic, Lifelong Learners (Paperback)

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This book is a practical guide for professors who are interested in being more effective teachers. It encompasses all the things a professor must do to prepare to teach; to stimulate learning and love of learning; to understand and engage all students; and to help them find direction, purpose, and mission in their lives. The book recognizes the importance of instructors, and how the best teachers focus on inspiring lifelong learning, both in themselves and in their students. Good teaching is rooted in good values, not the mastery of content alone. Caring, empathy, and compassion are important. The highest value of a teacher may often lie in the mentorship she can provide to her students. Discover how to convey passion and enthusiasm to students, and how to motivate your students to want to learn and participate. The book describes active learning approaches and how to make lectures more effective. It also recognizes the moral responsibility professors have to help the less talkative members of their class. The book deals with how to overcome the challenges of fostering learning in large classes where it is almost impossible for the instructor to get to know all the students. How to keep students alert and energized by adding variety to your classes through games, role-playing, humor, guest speakers, field trips, videos, and other devices. How to maintain enthusiasm and compassion all semester, and keep fatigue and negative thoughts at bay. How to handle email and office hours, how to provide feedback on work, and how to consider the whole student as you evaluate performance and foster success. This book is a useful guide as you chart your course through the challenges and rewards of college teaching.

About the Author

Chris Palmer, retired professor, is a speaker, author, and wildlife film producer, who gives speeches and workshops on a variety of topics, including how to motivate and engage students. He is the author of four other books: Shooting in the Wild (2010), Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker (2015), Now What, Grad? Your Path to Success After College (2015), and Raise Your Kids to Succeed (2017). He has won awards for his teaching at American University.

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Publication Date: May 10th, 2019
Pages: 248
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