Look For the Good In Each Day: Journal Inspirations (Hardcover)

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Yesterday is gone. So Live for the Here and Now and Look for the Good Things that Happen to You Each and Every Day of Your Life Rush, rush, rush The modern world moves so fast. Everyone is in a hurry, intent on making money, getting ahead ... just punching the nine-to-five clock each day, only to do it the next morning. It's time to stop right now It's time to slow down the hustle and bustle, "smell the roses," so to speak, and take the time to enjoy the things that really matter: a beautiful sunset, a lover's sigh, the laughter of a child. In Look for the Good in Each Day, Debi Snyder reminds us that to live means to be alive. The world is a place of wonderful, abundant, and varied experiences, but all-too-often we shut ourselves off from it, "too worried" or "too busy" to savor the bounty. To experience the fullness of life, you need to look at, notice, and see the world around you; you need to listen to, enjoy, and keep in your mind the sound of your mother's laugh; you need to smell, breathe in deeply, and hold forever the smell of baking cookies, or a pine-scented forest. So often, we forget that it is the small gifts, the simple moments, which make us happy. We get caught up in everyday life and forget to appreciate the simple, yet important, things of life. "Live for today," ... urges Snyder, "for yesterday is gone." Be sure to look for Debi's upcoming books, which include More Ways to Look for the Good in Each Day-World Adventures; Morals, Ethics, and Happiness for Everyone; How to Start the World Over and Make it a Better Place; and Plan for a Long Future, Protect and Save Our Earth.

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ISBN: 9781478744641
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Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: May 8th, 2016
Pages: 112
Language: English