Mr. Nightingale (Companion Coloring Book - Italian Edition) (Paperback)

Mr. Nightingale (Companion Coloring Book - Italian Edition) By Kristina Munoz (Illustrator), Ghazal Omid Cover Image
By Kristina Munoz (Illustrator), Ghazal Omid
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The illustrations for Mr. Nightingale are one of a kind. The artist (Kristina) and Ghazal worked carefully on the nuances of every illustration. They wished to capture in color and form the luxuriance of Persian culture and the opulent detail in ornamentation found even in ordinary homes. To produce the desired effect, the artist combined three painting methods. She used colored pencil to enhance the clarity of the drawings. The watercolor technique she used for the color wash has a magical quality that makes the pigments swim as if alive. The final touches of black ink bring prominence to the details and shapes. Ghazal has two aims in creating this book and bringing it to you. The first is to raise funds for reconstructive surgery for eight severely burned children from Iran. This publication and several future books are dedicated to these children's cause. The second goal is to tell stories of Iranian culture through the eyes of a child. Mr. Nightingale has been translated into several languages: Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Mr. Nightingale is available in paperback, tablet reader formats, and in MP3 audio in all the languages above. Thank you for your support. Please "Like" our "The Iranian Burned Children" page on Facebook. If you want to contribute to the children's cause, please contact Ghazal by email. ghazal@ghazalomid.com Please support this book to help the 8 burned children from Iran. http: //www.mrnightingale.com/

About the Author

Ghazal Omid is an award-winning author, commentator, lecturer, and religious scholar. Born and raised in Iran of Kurdish-Persian ancestry, Omid is a Canadian citizen and a U.S legal permanent resident. Drawing from her diverse heritage, Omid has dedicated her life to finding common ground between people of all faiths and backgrounds. A leading commentator on cultural and religious affairs, Omid has published an award-winning memoir, Living In Hell, and has provided hundreds of radio interviews and television appearances, including appearances on leading cable news networks such as Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and CSPAN. Omid is the founder and executive director of Iran & Its Future.org, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting intercultural exchange and understanding. Through a variety of arts and education programs, Iran & Its Future.org has distinguished itself as a vital bridge between the Muslim and western world. Under Omid's stewardship, Iran & Its Future.org has spearheaded a number of groundbreaking cross-cultural initiatives, such as founding an online Iranian and Persian art museum, establishing a dental exchange program, and sponsoring a performance and concert series featuring some of the Iran's most compelling artists and musicians. In working closely with a wide range of NGOs, individual philanthropists, international organizations and governments, Iran & Its Future.org has been an instrumental force for correcting misrepresentations and misconceptions about the Iranian people while heralding the rich legacy of Persian artistic and democratic achievements. Omid's latest project, Mr. Nightingale, is a children's story that tells the tale of a young girl and her best friend and pet bird, Mr. Nightingale. With its moving prose and delightful illustrations, Mr. Nightingale reinforces a timeless message of compassion and generosity. A large portion of the proceeds of the book will be used to provide medical treatment for eight Iranian children who were disfigured in a 2006 fire accident. Over the last six years, these children have been unable to afford surgery and medical care to restore their limbs and faces. Through the hard work of Iran & Its Future.org and its countless supporters and allies, Mr. Nightingale hopes to finally provide the funding and resources necessary to transport the children to the United States where they will receive the care they need.

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Publication Date: December 3rd, 2012
Pages: 38
Language: Italian