Yucatan for Travelers - Side Trips: Valladolid to Tulum (Paperback)

Yucatan for Travelers - Side Trips: Valladolid to Tulum By Jane A. Grimsrud (Editor), John M. Grimsrud Cover Image
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Yucatan for Travelers - Side Trips: Valladolid to Tulum looks beyond the obvious popular tourist attractions, luxury coastal resorts, and the modern conveniences of big cities to discover the unique Yucatan.From the Caribbean Sea to the extensive Gulf coast of Yucatan there are paved quiet roads through countless Mayan villages interspersed with colonial haciendas and ancient Mayan ruins, all there just waiting for your visit.Valladolid is an excellently located colonial city steeped in history. Half way from M rida, Cancun and Tulum, a diversity of spectacular side trips abound. The finest Mayan temples are nearby.This is the very finest of tropical bird watching country.Over a quarter of a century of driving, busing and cycling this unique end of the world has led the author to compile an impressive collection of outings that are the foundation for this book, built one story at a time. For the arm-chair traveler and people that have been to Yucatan before and think that they have seen and done everything, Yucatan for Travelers - Side Trips: Valladolid to Tulum will open the door to special places not presented in tours or guided excursions.This isn't just a guide book but an idea book not made to compete with guidebooks like Lonely Planet or Moon Guide. It is made to complement them. In the book you will find the author's favorite travel adventure trips of the places, excursions and outings, which he likes for different reasons. Among them: tranquility, history, a view of picturesque villages, a sample of the ancient Mayan traditional foods, where to find them, changing tropical jungle landscape, and a look at another aspect of life. Many of our excursions have been by bicycle and bus. Bicycle and bus excursions in Yucatan are by far the most inexpensive you will ever take and can be the most rewarding in not only health benefits but also in memorable experiences. Afternoons in Yucatan were designed for hammocks and siestas. This book gives you a glimpse of some of Yucatan that tourists miss most. For an adventure that takes you out of the main-stream to explore some of this peaceful, quiet and fascinating world, follow in the author's path to the places without trinket shops and tour buses.

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