The Cracked Mirror (Paperback)

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When you're a street hustler, you always have your ear to the ground. And when the bodies of your clients and friends continue to pile up dead around you, this affects your bottom line and cash flow. You want to find out what's going on, that's exactly what Paul does. He blackmails one of Los Angeles' dirty cops for information about the case. The gruesome killer is known as the Falcon and in order to lure him in. Paul begins writing anonymous letters to the local newspaper. In turn, Paul receives mysterious phone calls-part tease, part threat. When the police apprehend the wrong suspect, Paul heads to Santa Barbara to continue his own investigation into the Falcon's true identity. Eventually, Paul comes face to face with the Falcon's sadistic violence and learns that their paths are somehow linked, maybe even by blood. Paul's entire view on life begins to change. Will he find the Falcon and stop him, or will the Falcon stop him dead in his tracks.

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ISBN: 9781483433721
ISBN-10: 1483433722
Publisher: Lulu Publishing Services
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2015
Pages: 166
Language: English