How to Choose Yor Camera Lenses?: The Easy Practical Guide in Canon, Nikon, Sony and Sigma Lenses! (Paperback)

How to Choose Yor Camera Lenses?: The Easy Practical Guide in Canon, Nikon, Sony and Sigma Lenses! By Muneer Binwaber Cover Image
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Many photographers and cameras lovers face difficulty when choosing what lens to choose when they want to progress a step forward to improve the quality of their images. There are dozens of models on the market for each particular brand, and there are brands manufacturing for other brands such as Sigma. Not only that, but companies develop new models every year, and maybe stopped manufacturing other models All these difficulties have made the issue of choosing the right lens is complicated for many people not only photographers. In this book (How to Choose Your Camera Lens) the writer worked hard to make this confusing question more easily, by giving an idea of the basics of choice, types of photography, and review the most popular types of lenses used by photographers of all levels. (How to Choose Your Camera Lens) book review more than 75 models of lenses for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Sigma, and 27 comparison table spread over five chapters by types of photography, chapter #1 portrait, wedding and low-light photography, chapter #2 action, sports, wildlife and portrait photography, chapter #3 insect, flower and general close-up photography, chapter #4 landscape and architectural photography and finally chapter #5 general-purpose, everyday photography. This could get a more confident buying decision and conviction (How to Choose Your Camera Lens) book Suitable for amateur, professionals, students, institutes and academies in the field of photography, digital filming and camera, and even cameras shops. (How to Choose Your Camera Lens) is an easy practical guide helps ordinary individuals to choose, students learn, and removes confusion of customers.

About the Author

muneer binwaber is a professional photographer and travel writer, author of the book (Dragon Island) working as an independent writer, director and documentary photographer, as he is training in the field of photography in various countries around the world and online, and led many organized expeditions around the world.

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