Spanish for Surfers (Paperback)

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Not your ordinary Spanish book.

...backwash, rip current, closeout set, reef break, duck dive, drop in, shorebreak...the vocabulary of surfing, in one place; plus more general items of the "how far is it?" variety.

Over 500 words and expressions dealing with surf, surfing, and some of the things you may need to say (including those dealing with injuries) when you're on your own in Spanish. Includes sample phrases and short sentences to show the use of many terms in context. And there are a over a dozen images of waves, surfers, beaches and surf equipment, labeled with vocabulary items in Spanish for quick reference and to help you learn through direct association.

Arranged alphabetically for easy search and location of the word you want.

Make your next surf trip to Latin America or Spain more pleasant-and maybe even safer-by bringing this handy guide to everyday Spanish, with a focus on the words and phrases you'll use in and around the surf zone.

About the Author

Author Dave Rearwin grew up with Spanish and ended up teaching the language in a variety of settings, from American universities to a college in Japan. He also grew up surfing, made his first serious surf trip deep into mainland Mexico in the 1960s and was very glad to have the language; later trips (which featured a number of adventures that required some fast talking) made him even gladder. This book is the result of his surf travel experiences.

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Publication Date: September 18th, 2013
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