Cedar Mesa / Comb Ridge 2014 Canyon Atlas (Paperback)

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Cedar Mesa is an area west of Blanding, Utah and not even labeled on many road maps. The Cedar Mesa / Comb Ridge 2014 Canyon Atlas is a great hiker's companion for anyone who wants to explore the canyons of Cedar Mesa and the nearby Comb Ridge canyons using full color topographical maps. This atlas has individual hike maps for the most popular canyon hikes into Anasazi Country for both Cedar Mesa and the Comb Ridge area. The hike maps include GPS coordinates and annotated major landmarks. It also includes a set of maps for a road tour of major roads cutting though this region; UT-95, CR-262 and CR-237 tour showing the most popular landmarks and side road access points. This area of Utah is very popular for hiking to see Ancestral Puebloan cliff ruins and rock art in a pristine setting including the House on Fire ruins in Mule Canyon and the Fallen Roof Ruins in Road Canyon. Backpacker's can enjoy many miles of spectacular canyons lined with ruins that are amazingly inaccessible, perched high on ledges and under overhangs. There is plenty of scenery and wildlife, as well as the solitude of desert canyons in this remote area. The Cedar Mesa / Comb Ridge 2014 Canyon Atlas makes finding and exploring the Cedar Mesa Canyons much easier: Arch Canyon, Bullet Canyon, Collins Canyon, and Government Trail to Grand Gulch, Grand Gulch, Kane Gulch, Mule Canyon, Lower Mule Canyon, Owl Creek Canyon to Nevills Arch, Road Canyon, Slickhorn Canyon, Todie Canyon There are individual hike maps for the Comb Ridge for the most popular Comb Ridge Canyons for exploring Anasazi ruins including: Fish Mouth Cave, Split Level ruins, Cool Springs Cave, Monarch Cave, Procession Panel, Double Stack Ruin and more. Plan your exciting trip to Utah with the Cedar Mesa / Comb Ridge 2014 Canyon Atlas.

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