Amazon Fire TV Device: Streaming Media Player with Voice Search (Paperback)

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The Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media device competes with other streaming devices in the marketplace, but before you spend your money on other technologies, such as Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast, reading this guide will reveal what others might not want you to know. This Kindle book is not a step-by-step user's manual that shows you how to unwrap your new device, insert the plugs and cables, use your voice to find a movie, etc., nor does it tell you what will be displayed on the screen. If that is what you are looking for, you can read more about that in the Q&A section about this product. What you *will* discover when you read this guide is how the Amazon Fire TV streaming media device compares to its co-fellow competitors in the marketplace at this time. The author has included called-out sections in each chapter entitled, "What the user needs to know." This follows sections that describe the product, the competitors' products, and holds nothing back by telling you the details that you might not experience until you buy, install, and use the product. The author has included this feature so you won't be surprised or kept in the dark with how this product compares with other competitive devices, and what you can really expect once you get this device installed. Nothing is held back in this review-style book, but just know that the data and information that is revealed applies to all the devices and current information available to this author as of this publication date. Sometimes when you can't find the information you need online or in print, you just have to go out there, purchase, install, and use the products, and then decide what is the best deal and best experience for yourself and others. Then you write about it and hope it saves someone from spending money on other products that they'll regret. That's what this book is all about, and I hope it helps you decide what to look for when you buy a streaming media device.

About the Author

Candace Sinclair delights in finding, testing, and writing about new technologies and those passions in her life that she likes to share with others. She lives on Whidbey Island, Washington, has three grown children, four grandchildren, and she delights in exploring the Pacific Northwest through her photography. To learn more about what she's up to, and to download free reports and photos, you can visit her website and blog at: http: //candacesinclair.com

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ISBN: 9781499682090
ISBN-10: 1499682093
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 26th, 2014
Pages: 64
Language: English