IRAC Law Lesson For Law Students: Look Inside! (Paperback)

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Exam Prep Only EASY law school pre-exam reading - LOOK INSIDE The IRAC essay method is key to passing examinations in law school and outside of law school when you take state bar organized examinations. It is more important than raw legal theory. It is based on arguing individual elements of a definition. The format for discussing elements is Here, Conclude, Because - along with a million little rules you must know. Example: "Here, there is intent because Dave acted volitionally and not by accident or reflex." The difference between a 60 and a 70 on your exam depends mostly on correct IRAC practice. This material teaches you the 75% IRAC method - it takes you direct to the heart of the issue you're discussing. LOOK INSIDE.

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By Ezi Ogidi law publishing - over 15 areas of law! A recommended law school book source *_______ _______ Tags: law school books Contracts Criminal law Torts Civil procedure Criminal procedure Professional conduct Community property Evidence Real property Business associations Wills and Trusts Remedies

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