A Genealogical Record of the Beckers of Schoharie Valley (Paperback)

A Genealogical Record of the Beckers of Schoharie Valley By Lori Dalrymple Cover Image


The Beckers of New York, specifically those from the Schoharie Valley and surrounding areas, have come from hard working, family orientated and driven descendants. My Becker line starts in Southern Germany (Wurtemberg, Baden, Alsace, Darmstadt), and other cities along the Rhine River. Throughout their history, the line survived, religious persecution, numerous wars (like the Nine Years War (1688-1697) and the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714)), recurrent invasions by the French Army, numerous destruction of farms, villages and cities, economic hardships, and a rash of harsh winters and poor harvests that created famine. My Becker ancestors have durable and longevity bloodlines, seemingly overcoming the most difficult of obstacles - and are seen as survivalists. Most often this is because they look at the redeeming quality within a situation and act on it. Throughout adversities values never faltered. Those values are still apparent in current generations. Grandpa, and my mother, instilled in us the stories of how we were born from good ol 'german stock'. As I remember back, I realized the importance of the little things that helped in my genealogical research. From the memory of entering my grandfather's home when he was brewing German Sauerkraut in large barrels within the cellar of his home to that of stories of his childhood created a foundation as to the steps I took in finding my ancestors. To this day, I still remember that smell - it is weired what one misses the most after the passing of a family member. This book is about my Becker ancestors who traveled up the Rhine to Rotterdam, where they embarked to England and then to the New World. As they traveled some Becker's stayed in England and Ireland, some went to Jamaica and Nassau, and Carolina. Our ancestors traveled to New York in the summer of 1710 where they were obligated to work off their passage in the "West Camp". This is where our Becker story begins.

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